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 Please be aware before booking (non refundable once booked) The field has now dried up and so has the mud since we flooded, But if we get a lot of rain the area that flooded may become muddy again. If you have any concerns regarding the condition of the field please contact us before booking for a more up to date condition of the field or check out our facebook page.


Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing/footwear definitely wellies, bring a towel and water if you would like to give your doggies a quick wash before leaving. We do not have mains running water at the park.

 Before booking please be aware once a session has been booked no refunds can be given. We are more then happy to change the session to a more convenient day and time, we would require a minimum 12 hours notice to make the change. 

After booking please check that you receive a confirmation email, If you do not receive one please contact us straight away. We will need to check your booking.

Banned breeds are welcome but you MUST contact us before making a booking.

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