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Paw Park rules please read before booking!!

Before you come

  • All sessions must be pre-booked in advanced via our website and commence at hourly or 30minute intervals. Late arrivals will be restricted to their booking times.

  • When booking a session be aware that 06:00 is 6AM NOT PM, if you want to book an afternoon session the times are shown as 24hr clock so would be 13:00 for 1pm and so on

  • Check your emails for the confirmation email where you will find the gate code. if you cannot find it please get in contact straight away

  • If you have more then 3 dogs coming to a session you must pay £2 extra per dog 

  • Don't bring your animal if they are showing any signs of ill health - If you are unsure, please consult your vet.

  • We recommend having pet insurance and/or third party public liability insurance for your animals.

  • Dog dress code - dogs must wear a collar or harness and ID tag. 

  • Human dress code - appropriate footwear is recommended. 

  • Once a slot has been booked no refunds can be given. We require a minimum of 12 hours notice to change a booking to a different session. 

  • We recommend if coming to an early morning session or late evening session in the winter please bring a torch. We have got solar powered lights up but they do not light up all the field. 

  •  Please be aware before booking (non refundable once booked) The field has now dried up and so has the mud since we flooded, But if we get a lot of rain the area that flooded may become muddy again. If you have any concerns regarding the condition of the field please contact us before booking for a more up to date condition of the field or check out our facebook page.

Entrance procedure

  • Please do not arrive early only arrive at time of your booking. 

  • When you arrive at Paw Park, please park in the car park do not stay on the lane. You and your doggies must remain in your vehicle in the parking area away from the entrance to the park until the previous customer has left. 

  • The gate between the car park and the unleashed field must be closed at all times. 

  • Keep your dog(s) on leads whilst in the car park, and remove the lease upon entering the field.

  • If you arrive at the dog park and the previous customer has exceeded their dedicated time, please contact the owner Ashlea Rowlands on 07393 661437

  • All dogs must remain in your vehicle until the car park gate is fully closed.

During you visit

  • Humans are responsible for their dog(s) at all times, Do not leave your dog(s) unattended at any time - be aware of where they are and what they are doing. Paw Park is not responsible for any injuries incurred by you or your dog(s).

  • Do not allow your dog to dig or bark excessively.

  • Clean up after your dog immediately and dispose of in the bin which you will find in the car park. Poop bags are provided you will find them on the main gate to the field. 

  • No smoking or littering.

  • No climbing on gates, fences or on the agility equipment. (The agility equipment is for dogs only). 

  • No dog food other than small treats which may be used for training purposes. Do not put treats on the floor.

  • Verbal or physical abuse towards dog(s) or other customers will not be tolerated. 

  • Please end your session 5 minutes before the end of your session to allow adequate time to get your dog(s) into your vehicle and vacate the park within the total time booked. 

  • You must inspect the park to ensure that it is suitable for your dog(s). If you have any concerns that the park may not be suitable for your dog(s), you and your dog(s) must not enter. 

  • The park is surrounded by fences 6 feet high. Whilst all steps have been taken to make this secure, we cannot guarantee that it is escape proof. Paw Park is not responsible for escapees.

  • A member of the Paw Park team will inspect the park and fencing daily for maintenance purposes, however, we ask users to notify us immediately if you have any concerns.

  • All visitors to Paw Park who do not comply to these rules will be asked to vacate the park and no refund will be given. we have CCTV installed in the Park. 

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